PR World Free Press Release and Distribution Services

Free Press Release and Distribution Services: Bold homepage display, update business profile, press release emailed to subscribing journalists, keywords/tags to press release, distributions to partner news sites, immediate release, category selections, business profile update, option to upload news, research reports, stories, events, RSS distribution, news made available to search engines like google, yahoo, bing, ask and many more

Payment Gateway will be Closed after June 30th 2020. Further Subscriptions are not allowed as Prworld website will be closed after August 30th 2020. 

Send Confirmation Email to or for immediate activation within 12 hours. 

Benefits of choosing our services (Free and Premium):

  1. Press releases can be edited at any time.
  2. Unlimited business profiles can be added.
  3. No expiry date for press releases
  4. No restrictions in press releases
  5. We also allow news releases and interesting stories.
  6. Immediate release after submission.
  7. Unlimited URL's and emails or phone numbers are allowed in press releases without any restrictions.
  8. Every press release will be given equal importance with all premium features.
  9. Social Media Integration

We have a very strict spam policy. Press releases found to violate our terms and conditions will be removed immediately without information. Check Resource Page for more information.