The Spotlight Falls on the International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in San Francisco

The timing of the upcoming IBWSS in SF could not be more relevant. It takes place amidst growing dynamism in the U.S. bulk wine & spirits market. Additionally, it takes place at the same time as the global wine industry is reeling from the smallest global wine harvest since the 1960’s. Now is the perfect time to meet the major players within the bulk wine and spirits industry, and find out how bulk wine & spirits can play a key role in driving the future growth of your business.

IBWSS CHINA 2019: Unlock the Chinese Wine Market For Global Bulk Producers

In November 2019, Beverage Trade Network will host the first-ever IBWSS in Shanghai, China. The two day event (November 5-6, 2019) will include an exhibition trade show floor for buyers and sellers to meet in a central marketplace, as well as a series of speaker presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions designed to offer practical, actionable advice about the Chinese bulk wine and spirits industry.