Why selecting the right genetic strain is crucial for your marijuana cultivation success?

Everyone who is cultivating marijuana can be successful but not everyone is successful and why. There are many reasons why people are not successful with their marijuana cultivation efforts. One of the main reasons that makes people less successful in their pot plant cultivation will be discussed here so that you do not make that mistake when you are cultivating your own weeds at home
When people set out to grow their own marijuana, what they fail to do is to first review their needs or have complete understanding of their own preferences. They just blindly go ahead to buy some random seeds and some random strains such as hash strains. You can select any genetic strain of your choice but the selection should be based on some rationale. Why are you selecting hash strains instead of white strains? You should be clear with your reason. Hash strain is good and so are white strains but what is good for one person may not be good for the other person. So it is important to be clear with what you are selecting and why you are selecting.  
One of the things that you could do is to first make a thorough research on different genetic strains. When you are going about making such a research, you should pay attention to factors such as the suitability of cultivating cannabis in a specific geographic terrain. All the plants will grow well in a particular setting. You would have noticed what grows well in plans does not grow well in the hill station and vice versa. In other words the geographic settings play a very important role. You will be able to find out such information only when you make an initial research and only when you invest time trying to learn about such factors. Selecting seeds or genetic strains that does not meet your requirements and seeds that do not fit the geographic terrain could result in a disaster. This is where you will need to be cautious and this is what differentiates a successful cultivator of cannabis and someone who is not successful with their cultivation efforts.  
If you are too confused and if you do not have time for an elaborate research, what you could alternatively do is to go for mixes & collections when you are buying your seeds. What is the advantage of ordering mixes and collections? You will be able to try multiple varieties of seeds all at once. Instead of growing one genetic strain after the other trying to learn about the characteristics of each type of marijuana, you can speed up the whole process by trying multiple varieties of seeds and gain vast experience within a short span of time.  
The point here is to learn how to pick the best suited genetic strain for your needs. The genetic strains that you select should help you get the best yield and also meet your specific taste and preferences.  


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