What Are the Best Skins in Fortnite Season 7 So Far

With the arrival of Fortnite Season 7 and its ominous iceberg, plenty of new battle pass skins might be yours. From Sgt. Winter to the Ice King, Epic Games' most popular content deluge has blessed players with a bounty of wonderful skins. However, what are the best skins in this season? Here are our picks for the five ideal skins of Fortnite Season 7.

Top 1. Ice King

Fortnite Ice King

The mysterious masked man in the center of it all, the Ice King emanates cool like an inverse fire. His glowing blue eyes hidden beneath a Darth Sidious hood mark him as a right cartoon villain, as well as the blue accents on his suit make him a fashionable one particular at that.

Top 2. Lynx

Fortnite Lynx

There is much more to Lynx than meets the eye -- even though no one knows her age. Even though her skin starts as an unassuming lady sporting pink hair, tattoos and cat ears, leveling up will unlock new iterations on the outfit. These iterations culminate within a sleek Black Panther-meets-Catwoman super suit.

Top 3. Trog

Fortnite Trog

As far as we know, Trog fight well. It's suitable there in the skin's description, and if that is not sufficient for you, you likely hate happiness. This dorky yeti is deserving of adoring and who are you to inform him otherwise?

Top 4. Onesie

Fortnite Onesie

Onesie's had a little of a tortured history. The skin languished in Fortnite's files for ages before Epic Games lastly removed it in the game with no a word. The skin created its triumphant return in Season 7, and Fortnite's the much better for it.

Top 5. Sgt. Winter

Fortnite Sgt Winter

Appear, you do not have to have another person to inform you Sergeant Winter is buff Santa. We all know Sergeant Winter is buff Santa. But still, it is pretty admirable that somebody at Epic Games went into a pitch meeting and mentioned, "What if we produced buff Santa?" Well, here he's. It is buff Santa.

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