The Way to Get Free Season 8 Battle Pass (Fortnite Overtime Challenges)

Fortnite Overtime Challenges

Now there is no normal weekly Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges this week since the 10 weeks that made up season 7 are already over. Instead, Epic pushed the start off date of season 8 all the method to Feb. 28, letting you enter pop-up tournaments and numerous other activities, Epic is also adding what it calls Overtime challenges. 

Overtime Challenges are a new set of challenges made to assist players to total their Battle Pass for Season 7. Released alongside the v7.40 patch on February 14, the 20 unique challenges give extra XP, several new rewards, new types for existing Season 7 outfits, along with the ability to unlock the upcoming Season eight Battle Pass free of charge.

Completing 13 challenges will get you the Season eight Battle Pass no cost of charge when it's released later this month. Take note, 4 on the twenty challenges act as milestones as you comprehensive a particular quantity of challenges, so you actually need to full 13 on the 16 to unlock the subsequent Battle Pass.

The Share the Love event concludes on February 27 just in time for the new season. Precisely the same goes for the Overtime Challenges, but some challenges won't unlock till a couple of days have gone by. If you are confused about not finding a safe and reliable website to buy fortnite save the world weapons, U4GM as a professional website can guarantee enough stock and fast delivery for in-game items for you.

Fortnite Overtime Challenges list

Collect coins in featured creative islands

For this one, you will need to enter Creative Mode and simply launch any from the featured islands in the Creative Hub, then look for coins. 

Deal damage to opponents with assault rifles or pistols

This is about as common as it gets for challenges. Note that you have to get 500 harm though, so it may take several games to finish.

Search chests or ammo boxes at a motel or RV park

I created a map for exactly where these two places are so you will get to them swiftly, but I have this weird feeling. I could be incorrect (likely am), but I'm pondering Epic Games is sending us to these places since they may well be going away in season eight. The RV park has been around since the beginning so I could see the organization deciding to add a thing new and different. The Motel is often a small newer, but you've to admit it's not an extremely thrilling place to drop. We'll uncover out if I'm appropriate in a couple of weeks, but here's where they're located:

Fortnite Overtime Challenges map guide

Place top 15 in duos with a friend

Has there been a team-based challenge before that wasn't a generic everyday challenge? I cannot don't forget. This must be reasonably straightforward offered you make a work having a friend (and maybe don't drop into Tilted Towers this time). Even if you autofill to have your companion, if you play it slightly protected, you'll want to get leading 15 devoid of significant problems.

Regain health from a campfire in different matches

This challenge will undoubtedly depend on irrespective of whether it is possible to come across a campfire within the initial spot. It is also significant to note that it is not enough to just location the campfire; it has to heal you (so you cannot do that at complete well being). I would suggest obtaining into a big group match for this one because it appears like you'll get credit regardless of who locations the campfire. Do not neglect that only one per event will count toward the challenge, but you will need three total to finish it.

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