Things We Can Know from Fortnite 7.20 Patch

Fortnite Update v7.20 Patch Release Date

As you know, it can be a brand new week simply because a new Fortnite update might be arriving. Just about the most extremely anticipated Fortnite updates in some time will be producing significant alterations to the battle royale title, so it is going to not disappoint.

Players are going to be anxiously awaiting to study the patch notes for the upcoming 7.20 update which will be seeing a brand new weapon added and the return with the glider redeploy mechanic within the type of a new item.

For anyone who is curious to determine almost everything that the Fortnite 7.20 update notes have in store for the community on the battle royale game, you might have come towards the proper spot, as right here we've everything you might want to know covered. The release date and time for the Fortnite Update 7.20 patch notes have already been announced by Epic Games, and we've got all the information covered for you. 

Fortnite 7.20 Patch Notes Release Date

fortnite scoped revolver and glider redeploy

The Fortnite 7.20 update will be released on Tuesday, January 15th using the downtime for the 7.20 update scheduled to begin at two AM PST/ 4 AM CST/ 5 AM EST/ 1000 GMT. As with other Fortnite updates, the patch notes for the new Fortnite 7.20 update are expected to be created accessible by Epic Games when the downtime for the 7.20 changes begins. These patch notes will give us a detailed look at the new scoped revolver and glider redeploy item. 

We'll update this short article with all the patch notes from the new patch once they are first made readily available by Epic Games. By the way, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can buy Fortnite Items from

What we can expect from fortnite patch 7.20?

A brand new scoped revolver weapon and glider redeploy item might be the two principal highlights on the Fortnite 7.20 update patch notes for the neighborhood on the massively well-known battle royale title.

Featuring perfect accuracy, players are positive to become looking forward to seeing what type of damage they're going to be able to inflict on their enemies in their quests for Victory Royales with all the new weapon tomorrow when it truly is added to the live servers of your game by the way in the Fortnite 7.20 patch notes. 

The other significant addition that players are going to be searching forward to trying out in the new patch notes will likely be the glider redeploy item which will mark the return on the controversial game mechanic.

Together with the glider redeploy item is a piece of loot that players will have to find in order to use and only getting a restricted quantity of charges to enable for the use of glider redeploy, it will be very exciting to determine how the community responds to the return with the glider redeploy mechanic in its new type using the implementation of your Fortnite update 7.20 patch notes. 

An entire host of bug fixes and also other good quality of life modifications may also be implemented on Tuesday. These will consist of fixes towards the ghost shot, mounted turret hit marker, X-4 Stormwing glider redeploy and zipline bugs. A brand new wall constructing mechanic and sensitivity changes will also be introduced for the battle royale game. 

Due to the Fortnite 7.20 update patch notes possessing the possible to shake up the meta with the battle royale game inside a drastic way with all the scoped revolver and glider redeploy item, tomorrow is going to be a very essential day for the immediate future in the title.

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