Take Two: 'Our Competitors Burn Off Their Franchises' by Annualizing Them

Addressing an audience of investors today with an MKM Partners event, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick again spoke about why his company generally will not annualize its franchises like its competitors do.
Putting out new Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead games each year might sound just like a good idea in some recoverable format, but Zelnick said hello would prove expensive and could result in a drop in quality.
"I suppose, conceptually, when we took all [in our franchises] therefore we just turned it into an annualized schedule--leaving everything else on the side--the math says choosing in an even better place," the executive explained. "But what could it imply? It would imply doubling our development teams. It would imply calling into question our quality. And it would imply raise the NBA Live Mobile Coins for sale risk that consumers tire these franchises. One in the things that's best about Take-Two is our franchises are permanent. They're beloved and permanent. Whereas our competitors burn up their franchises, which implies they have to create a new, and that is incredibly hard to do."
Zelnick noticed that Take-Two, spanning Rockstar Games and 2K Games labels, has eleven franchises where a person release has sold over 5 million copies. Additionally, Take-Two has released 54 games who have sold at the least two million copies. "That's second to none from the business," Zelnick said.
Take-Two's goal is usually to eventually get to a degree where it's got enough franchises to discharge different ones yearly to give other ones room to breathe between releases. "We may have a really powerful release schedule without burning from the IP which is our goal," he was quoted saying.
This has become Take-Two's objective from the time that it took over control on the company in 2007, Zelnick said, adding that at that time, Take-Two was way too dependent about the GTA franchise.
Some of Take-Two's biggest franchises include GTA, Red Dead, NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Civilization, BioShock, and Borderlands.
In November 2015, Zelnick echoed similar sentiments when he stated annualization can lead for the erosion from the value of a brand name.
"The market asks us, 'Why not annualize your titles?' We think while using non-sports titles, we have been better served to produce anticipation and demand," he explained at the time. "On the main one hand chill out the title and on the opposite hand to develop the highest quality from the market, that can take time. You can't do this annually."Take-Two does annualize a few of its franchises, but only its sports games like NBA 2K and WWE 2K.
Also during his talk today, Zelnick said Take-Two is just not against growing its company inorganically via M&A--mergers and acquisitions. However, he stressed that Take-Two has taken a disciplined approach and won't buy another company unless the move is accretive to Take-Two's overall outlook.
In making his point, Zelnick claimed that Electronic Arts, within the leadership of former CEO John Riccitiello, burned $20 billion in market cap through its various acquisitions within the last few decade. Riccitiello was replaced by Andrew Wilson, who's since earned all of it back, Zelnick said (EA's stock hit an all-time high recently). "Andrew is doing a great job" leading EA, the executive explained.
"Most corporate M&A fails. Most corporate M&A is driven by ego and empire-building plus a complete insufficient awareness about simple mathematics," he stated. "I do not believe our competitions be aware what the word accretion means."
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