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Where to get the best restaurant equipment in Los Angeles

A restaurant is incomplete without the following things, the guests, the employees of the restaurant, the food of the restaurant, the service of the restaurant and its equipment’s. The restaurant business is nothing if any of the following is missing. Foodservice equipment is a very important part of a restaurant. Having the latest equipment’s is a necessity because all the latest restaurant equipment helps the restaurant to serve the best food in a limited amount of time. 

Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the United States of America. Los Angeles is a place for Hollywood as well as food lovers. Due to the huge number of food lovers in the city, the no of food joints and restaurants are high in Los Angeles. The restaurants of Los Angeles are always under the pressure of satisfying the food lovers from the city. Los Angeles is a hub for all the different kind of foods and cuisines. The restaurants in Los Angeles are always under pressure of creating the best food possible for the food lovers. Therefore, all the best and latest restaurants equipment are required here.


●       Hodak Sales

18281 Gothard St Ste 112 Huntington Beach, CA 92648

This business specializes in the independent equipment of food service. Hodak Sales help to maintain the kitchen with well equipped and newer equipment. Hodak Sales was established in 1959, and since then it has been successfully serving the city of Los Angeles. The company is now running under the supervision of the third generation of the family.


●       Kitchen Plus

3250 W Olympic Blvd Ste 113 Los Angeles, CA 90006

Kitchen Plus is inside the Galleria shopping mall on the P1 level at Olympic Blvd. The prices here are relatively much lower, and all kinds of equipment are available here. It is a very nice restaurant supply store with all kinds of latest goods and at a wholesale rate.


●       Restaurant World

3521 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90018

The Restaurant World is a place where quality is not compromised. A lot of restaurants owe their success to Restaurant World. They have always focussed on the quality of goods they sell, and they would go to any means to satisfy the customer.


●       Food Industry Parts & Supply

18340 Sherman Way Los Angeles CA 91335

This business is known for their great selection and the prices of the equipments. They offer all kinds of restaurant goods at cheap rates in Los Angeles. The people working there are very friendly, and they help customers in all kinds of ways.


●       The Dish Depot

546 W Garfield Ave Glendale CA 91240

The prices of dishes are very much lower than the other places selling dishes. The first time customers will get a discount of 15 percent in the store. The employees here are very friendly and helpful.


●       Bargain Fair

4635 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles CA 90019

This store has a huge selection of silverware and serving pieces which include glassware and cookware. The store is a dream for all the restaurants because of its impressive collection.


●       Chefs’ Toys

6178 Sepulveda Blvd Van Nuys CA 91411

All the top star rated restaurants take their supplies from here. They sell quality utensils supplies and gadgets in the valley. There is a huge collection of tools here for the professionals.


●       Lotte Kitchen World

1577 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles CA 90007

This store is famous in Los Angeles for the Asian products which come from Korea and Japan. This place is amazing, and the collection of kitchen goods is amazing.


●       Ta Fong Restaurant Supply

121 W Elmyra St Los Angeles CA 90012

This store offers great prices and has a huge inventory of supplies. This place is more of a warehouse but has a huge collection of supplies. The prices are quite low and affordable.


●       Eden Restaurant Supply Company

568 S Alameda St Los Angeles, CA 90013

This is a sore run by the people of Korea, and there is a nice collection of kitchen supplies. There are plenty of retail customers in the store. They also run their business online.


●       M & E

1031 E Olympic Blvd Los Angeles CA 90021

This company has a huge collection of kitchen goods and is located in a popular place where the customers of all the local food joints buy their supplies from


Los Angeles has finally found the best restaurant Supply Equipment Warehouse in the city New Asia FSE Inc. The New Asia FSE is a kitchen supply store from which all the major restaurants of Los Angeles purchase their kitchen supply. The New Asia FSE was set up in the year of 1983 and has been in business since then. Since the year 1983 New Asia FSE has been serving customers. The New Asian FSE takes a lot of pride in their customer service, and therefore they have a lot of returning customers. The New Asia FSE is right now one stop all the kitchen supplies and equipment. The Asia FSE Inc. has prepping tools for cooking to all kinds of serving utensils. The New Asia FSE is known throughout the restaurant industry over Los Angeles because of its superior quality of goods and service. The New Asian FSE deals with all kinds of popular brands like the Adcraft, Accutemp, Astra, Alto Shaam, Avalon, Advance Tabco, BarTec, Axis, Baxter, Atosa and many more.

The Asia FSE also deals with all kinds of kitchen appliances and kitchen supplies like the Food Preparation Equipment, Countertop Appliances, Holding and Serving Equipment, Ice Machine, Refrigerators and many more things. When it comes to customer service, New Asia FSE has been in its top game. People who are planning to open new restaurants must surely visit The Asia FSE and buy their kitchen essentials. With Asia FSE the quality of goods is never compromised.

From the next time you go on to buy kitchen supplies for your restaurant, you should visit The Asia FSE at 3400 N Peck Road El Monte CA 91731

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Since 1983, New Asia FSE Inc. has served thousands of clients all across Southern California and the Western United States. As the fastest growing restaurant supply store, we handle everything from retail, wholesale, imports, and exports with consistency and efficiency, making our company the best restaurant supply store near you! In our company, we take pride in the treatment of all our customers, regardless of whether they are returning clients or brand new customers.
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