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To open up a new restaurant a proper infrastructure and proper restaurant equipment is very essential. Other than just the look of the restaurant, the kitchen is the most important place because the food is the priority of the restaurants and next comes the ambiance of the restaurant. The food provided in the restaurants will be good only if the ingredients used will be fresh and can be stored for the whole day in proper cold storage devices, to prevent it from getting spoilt. The next thing which comes in use is kitchen equipment, to increase the efficiency of the cook and make the food faster and better. The kitchen should be a clean place.

To serve a big crowd faster and with good food, a lot of kitchen equipment is needed. The kitchen should almost occupy one-fifth of the restaurant size. Storage equipment is important to store the ingredients, and food warmers should be there to warm the food on serving. No one likes food being served cold until it is a dessert. There are lots of arrangements involved before you plan on setting out kitchen for the restaurant. The owner should make the necessary contacts to know from where he can avail the restaurant equipment. Socialization is very important in setting up a business like this as an individual will need a lot of help. The owner must have an idea of what and all is important for his kitchen depending on what cuisine he plans to start off within his restaurant. One can go to any restaurant supply store and go through all the new restaurant kitchen supply.

On ordering a bulk of equipment, one can even get a good amount of discount on the equipment which would have cost quite a lot if bought as a single piece separately.

The important kitchen supply:

●       Refrigerators and Freezers:  This equipment is very essential, and all commercial kitchens have some refrigeration unit to store the ingredients or semi-prepared food. This helps in preserving the freshness of the food and provides storage space. There are lots of sizes of refrigerators. You need to analyze the size of the refrigerator according to the crowd that will be served. If the restaurant is big, a larger fridge is essential. It is important to know about the energy consumption and also seek help from a professional about the installation of the coolers or freezers. Make sure to get a regular servicing done to make the equipment efficient and working.


●       Food Preparation Counter: The food counter is one of the most important equipment. It is the place where all the food is made. The counters should be sturdy enough and resistant to any kind of corrosion that from the various forms ingredients used for preparing the food. They are made of stainless steel. Use of plastic boards to cut things and it is easy to wash and clean


●       Slicers: They are something with which the vegetables or meats are chopped. Depending on the food which is prepared choose slicers. If the slicing is done less frequently, then one can use manual slicers, which is inexpensive also, but if the food preparation demands for an equal proportion of slice and is used very frequently, it is better to opt for an electric slicer which will increase one's efficiency.


●       Mixers: The mixers available varies in the manner depending on how often one needs it and for what.  If bread making is a thing, then commercial mixers are very necessary. You need to assess the volume of food and the frequency of the use of the mixer. In case if you need to mix dense materials you will need a spiral mixer which is fast and can handle fifty to six hundred pounds of the dough.

For other types of mix, the planetary mixer can be used. It helps in making mashed potato or things like whipped cream.

●       Ovens: They are a must in a commercial kitchen. They help a lot in baking and also heating food ingredients.


●       Food processors: They help in making the ingredients in the shape which is required for cooking. Like batch bowl processors, continuous feed, buffalo chopper, and combination chopper.


●       Sinks:  Large sinks are important with continuous water flowing and also provides a large surface area for washing for food or dishes. A commercial kitchen has a dishwashing section.


●       Shelves: These are very important in storing appliances and other ready-made nonperishable food.


●       Ranges: it is essential depending on what the food will be cooked. Gas ranges help in manipulating the flame while electric ranges which use a magnetic coil to generate heat are also available to cook food. You can choose according to what food preparation you want.


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