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Zenith El Primero Tourbillon

The recession has caused some realism to rise in watch prices (though it is fleeing in some cases). Nothing is more than Tourbillon. Zenith is outstanding in this area. .

For the price, you get a fun and time-honored chronograph movement that looks and looks great. Overall good quality, although not prominent, but still value for money. Shown here is a charming metal blue dial from Charles Vermot Limited Edition.

According to Zenith, after the management decided to stop El Primero and order the destruction, Mr. Vermot rescued El Primero by hiding production equipment and plans. Today Zenith can not stop expressing his thanks, this is just one of a few limited editions of Mr. Vermot. Other Zenith products of 2011 also offer similar price-to-value ratios, especially Captain Winsor's almanac. Another notable example of a reasonably priced chronograph tourbillon is the Graham Tourbillograph. Despite its clumsy name, it is equally cost-effective and adds a flying tourbillon to the Valjoux 7750. The 7750 cam manufactured by La Joux-Perret was replaced with a cylindrical wheel. More about this in the Urwerk replica watches

Zenith Christophe Colombian Tourbillon

Zenith Christophe Colombian Tourbillon is a unique animal equipped with an escapement mounted on a gimbal, such as a marine astronomical clock or gyroscope. It always maintains the height of the escapement. A fun and innovative concept that takes the tourbillon's idea further.


Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback TiAlum

Zenith continues its Hublot-inspired strategy to become a traditional and affordable watch manufacturer in every market segment. One of the major new models launched by Zenith this year is El Primero Stratos, a sporting chronograph that looks like a cross between Daytona and the Rainbow at Old Zenith.quality replica men watches

In addition to mill metals such as steel and gold, Stratos also has TiAlum (formerly known as Alchron, but Audi clearly owns the mark), an aluminum alloy specifically made for Zenith. Zenith said Alchron has many extraordinary qualities such as weight, corrosion resistance, and hardness. This may be true, but such aluminum alloys are usually found in the aerospace field, not special.

The case is a 45.5 mm diameter, but the wrist does not look too wide. Overall, this is a nice looking watch, if a bit pedestrian. In the Stratos case there is also Striking 10th, a modified El Primero movement with a second central seconds interval of one second. While this is a good idea for the 36,000 bph El Primero movement, it is logical that the second hand ticking is not entirely satisfactory, and it does not have the same consistency in movement around the dial. While not revolutionary in appearance and complexity, this watch is a compelling proposition in terms of price / quality, just like the rest of Zenith Winsor Captain's annual calendar.



Hands-on Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain

Greubel Forsey introduced the stunning Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain Tourbillon at SIHH 2012 instead of a completely new movement, a variant of the Tourbillon 24 Secondes with a single inclined tourbillon cage Complete a revolution in 24 seconds.Graham London 2OVGS.B39A replica watch

Stunning hot blue titanium dial distinctive. De Bethune pioneered the use of a blue titanium dial on his Dream Watch and a concentric guilloche dial. Recently, De Bethune used a highly polished star dial on the DB25T Dead Seconds tourbillon.

On the other hand, Greubel Forsey T24S Contemporain has a more subtle, granular finish on the dial. Several details stand out. One is a thick "12" number glued to the dial.

The other is a huge three-legged bridge that holds both hands. And pay attention to the clear sapphire and hour indicators located above the dial, with a clear V-shaped bridge tilted tourbillon. The back of the blue titanium is also used for the floor. But the layout and design of the movement show that Greubel Forsey knows the history of watchmaking because of the movement of its large wheels and angular bridge shapes that are deeply reminiscent of Breguet and other great 19th century pocket watches.

Like all Greubel Forsey watches, this movement is great. Unusual Greubel Forsey favors the rare frosted movement of today. The case is a platinum case with a small print on the Greubel Forsey Richard Mille Limited Editions watches replica

Introducing Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Asymétrique

Greubel Forsey has just revealed the Asymétrique, the new double-tourbillon, reinterpreting the prototype of the Greubel Forsey biaxial tourbillon. This is based on a double tourbillon 30 °, but with an asymmetrical case at eight o'clock to fit the tourbillon.

Almost a decade after the 2004 Symmetrical Double Tourbillon (one of them won the 2011 Chronométrie Prize), Greubel Forsey recreated the Asymétrique Double Tourbillon movement, just as with all Greubel Forsey watches, , Beautiful and expensive. Like the original tourbillon, the tourbillon is still a biaxial tourbillon. The double tourbillon carousel rotates at different speeds on different aircraft: the inner carriage rotates for one minute and the outer drum rotates for four minutes. But the outermost cage has been flipped to Asymétrique.

Case width of 43.5 mm, case side of the arc sapphire window 8:00, peep in the tourbillon compartment peep. At two o'clock is the power reserve indicator, which has a swivel plate and a fixed arrow, which is displayed at six o'clock seconds.

The sport is of course done in a unique Greubel Forsey style, with matte bridges and golden chatons.

This is a white or red 11 limited edition. Platinum style gray black dial reminiscent of the Double Balancier 35 ° introduced in the first half of 2013.JACOB & CO. 750.100.30.AB.SD.1NS replica watches



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Greubel Forsey made a spectacular development at the SIHH show in January 2017, showing a regular-size watch with a power reserve of 180 days or six months titled Mechanical Nano. The work on this movement is rare, but it is understood that this machine is extremely miniaturized and combined with frictionless materials to make it extremely efficient.