NBA Jam heads towards the GBA

Acclaim has confirmed that it is going to release NBA Jam 2002 for that Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The game, that is released this winter holiday, will feature all 29 NBA teams and most 140 NBA Live Mobile Coins for sale players. The gameplay will always be true for the series, with two-on-two arcade action. Acclaim sources further confirmed that the experience will be similar rolling around in its look and feel towards the SNES version of NBA Jam. Two new courts--beach and street jam--are going to be featured inside the game. Additionally, half-court super dunks, hangtime, burning, and hotspots will be part from the GBA game.  
"Having sold in excess of 6 million units worldwide, NBA Jam is one with the most beloved and successful computer game franchises from the history from the interactive entertainment industry,'' said Steve Felsen, senior director on the franchise. "We are satisfied to continue our successful relationship while using NBA and expand upon our next-generation handheld lineup for this holidays.''  
NBA Jam 2002 has been developed by Digital Creations. It will possess a suggested shop price of $39.99.  You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to present amounts of Cheap NBA Live 19 Coins online. 

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