[Marauder] Cast on Melee Kill Support Cyclone/Volatile Dead Berserker - Great League Starter

For your gear, you primarily should look for affixes for POE Currency instance Elemental Resistances, Life, and Armour on all of your stuff. Elemental damage on jewelry is fantastic however, not mandatory in the start!
Try to get at the least two items rich in flat accuracy!
The build makes use of merely one unique item, martyr of innocence.
There can be an option using Ngamahu's Flame Axe with Molten Burst shenanigans, that is a different approach. I think Martyr overall could be the more robust option.
For Endgame you would work with a Belly from the Beast, some Opal Rings with an increase of Elemental and Fire Damage and high Elemental damage weapon rolls.
This Build also makes using Fireborn jewel in Duelist area, that gives your cyclone damage a reasonably nice boost. Now more ways to Buy POE Currency, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.

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