Fortnite News: Suppressed Sniper Rifle Will Come to Battle Royale

Suppressed Sniper Rifle in Fortnite

It looks like Fortnite may soon add Suppressed Sniper Rifle into the game if a new leak is anything to go by. Lucas7yoshi is a well-known leaker of Fortnite details, including each week's challenges and events, just like the New Year's Eve occasion that went reside within the game earlier this week. Now, Lucas7yoshi has datamined the game's newest update, discovering files to get a suppressed sniper rifle that could be added to battle royale at some point within the future.

Lucas7yoshi found a 3D model and audio files for the suppressed sniper rifle within the newest update for Fortnite, with the gun getting known as "Athena" inside the files. The suppressed sniper rifle will make it attainable for snipers to take fire at enemy players without the need of giving up their place appropriate away, although it is going to deal significantly less damage than the other sniper rifles which are already in the battle royale game.

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It's worth pointing out that the suppressed sniper rifle currently exists in Fortnite's Save the World campaign mode. In Save the World, the suppressed sniper is referred to as Frostbite, and it has somewhat of a reputation of not getting pretty valuable in comparison with a lot of other weapons inside the game. Whether or not it is enhanced for battle royale remains to be noticed, nevertheless.

In the event the suppressed sniper rifle is added to Fortnite battle royale, it will likely be intriguing to view how the neighborhood reacts to it. The Fortnite community has at times embraced new weapons and gadgets with open arms, as well as other occasions they've flat-out rejected them, as we saw with the Infinity Blade sword during the quick time it was accessible in battle royale.

In the event the suppressed sniper rifle is added to Fortnite, it could exceptionally nicely end up just like the Infinity Blade and several other weapons within the game - locked inside the Vault till it's better balanced. Alternatively, Fortnite fans may find the suppressed sniper rifle not potent adequate, in which case Epic may give it a buff alternatively.

In the meantime, the suppressed sniper rifle may turn out to become fairly valuable for players looking to total challenges. Within the Season 7 Week 5 challenges for Fortnite, there's a challenge to have killed with a suppressed weapon, plus a common each day challenge tasks players with finding a sniper rifle to kill. So fans could potentially kill two birds with one particular stone making use of the suppressed sniper.

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