Fortnite Lonely Lodge and Pleasant Park Piano Locations Guide

Fortnite Lonely Lodge and Pleasant Park Piano Locations Guide

Fortnite Season 7, Week 2 challenges are available. Get in there and earn this week's Battle Stars and XP! Fortunately, together with the challenges we've seen so far this season, that should not be as well hard. 

'Play the Sheet Music around the pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge' is one of Fortnite's many Weekly Challenges - and plays out a little bit different to the final season. As opposed to possessing to go and track down the sheet music in other locales just before we're in a position to play it, the sheet music is prepared and waiting for you at the pianos themselves.

As such, it is just a case of getting the Lonely Lodge and Pleasant Park piano places, hopping on the notes that happen to be around the sheet music, and completing the challenge. Confused about tips on how to full this challenge? Following our guide, you'll discover it is not so complicated. Moreover, after you feel harsh to power leveling in the game, don't neglect to verify out U4GM Fortnite Boosting for sale list.

1. Where are the Pleasant Park Piano Locations in Fortnite Season 7?

The Pleasant Park piano can be discovered inside the precise same spot which you found it in for the Season six challenge. Just head to the mountain directly west of Pleasant Park, and it's on the more massive ledge inside the center of your mountain. 

This can be a reasonably straightforward tune to play, and it will not take you extended to finish it. After you have accomplished that one particular, it's time for you to move on more than for the Lonely Lodge piano location.

2. Where are the Lonely Lodge Piano Locations in Fortnite Season 7?

This one particular is an entirely new piano that we've not seen ahead of in Fortnite. For this a single, you want to head over towards the prevailing direction of Lonely Lodge. Preserve an eye out for the old superhero house.

Not only is this exactly where you may need to visit compete within the dance off for Fortnite's week two challenges, but the piano is just slightly north of right here, correct subsequent for the edge of your island. You can verify it out once again in our screenshot beneath.

Lonely Lodge Piano Locations in Fortnite Season 7

The tune you will need to play around the Lonely Lodge piano involves hopping on many of the 'sharp' black keys, so be sure to preserve an eye out for these as you are jumping about. Just total the tune around the sheet music provided as soon as once again, and you will have completed this week two challenge.

3. The way to Play the Sheet Music

In case you're unsure of tips on how to play the sheet music itself on these pianos, let us explain. Just place, these pianos are those floor pianos you've probably observed in real life. Hop on a crucial, and it'll play that note. All you need to do for this challenge, then, is play the exact notes that are around the sheet music.

Be conscious that some notes, including A, can be around the keyboard twice. The technique to distinguish which one you'll need to press comes down to the shape that the letter is on. For example, you may discover that A is on a black circular background, and a black square, also.

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