Fortnite Battle Royale Will Add Sneaky Snowman Item

Fortnite Sneaky Snowman

Have you ever imagined that soon you'd be able to disguise yourself as a snowman in Fortnite? Sneaky Snowman as a new winter-themed item has been confirmed to become joining Fortnite: Battle Royale, according to today's in-game News message. 

This most likely means the Sneaky Snowman will be appearing inside the upcoming content update. The snowman has been rumored to operate fairly significantly precisely the same because the bush does where the player consumes it and becomes disguised. The in-game description says "Become a master of disguise" so that prediction doesn't appear to become also far off.

The bush is currently a Legendary item but doesn't get a great deal use in the existing Fortnite meta. Epic Games has said it desires to rework the bush in some way and this could possibly be what was decided on.

We don't yet know the rarity on the Sneaky Snowman so it could end up getting just as uncommon because the Bush presently is. We'll have much more info when the patch notes drop with all the Sneaky Snowman. 

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What are the opinions of the players?

"Even dumber than the bush if all they do is add it as an item. The bush can technically work because you might not be able to tell the difference between a person using one and a person simply hiding in a bush. There need to be other snowmen across the map, or else you'll know every time you see one of these that it's a player."

"Urgh, another influx of dumb utility items to dilute the loot pool further. Fortnite items are like anime; you have the few good animes in a sea of outstandingly awful animes."

"Who's stupid enough to fall for snowmen that weren't ever actually on the map at all cause they never existed."

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