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What Is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a popular medication used for weight reduction. It is said to effect this reduction in weight mainly by suppressing appetite, and also by inducing increased burning of energy in the body. Scientifically speaking, it belongs to a category of drugs called sympathomimetic amines. In simpler terms, this means that Phentermine belongs to a class of drugs that stimulant compounds which mirrorcertain effects of our sympathetic nervous system. This sounds like an artificial conditioning of the brain (read fooling the brain) to make it feel that you have a full stomach, so that your calorie intake can be reduced, which in turn leads to reduction in weight. Doctors recommend that phentermine be taken in conjunction with a disciplined exercise program.


Benefits of Phentermine

From various scientific articles, manufacturer brochures and user reviews, we found some accepted benefits that Phentermine promises, and here they are :

  • Quick Weight Loss–This medication provides visible weight loss fast, without having to supplement with specific dietary restrictions or exercise regimens.
  • Body Toning – Apart from overall weight loss, Buy Phentermine helps improve metabolism, and acts on stored fat, inducing burning of that fat to release energy for your physical activities. This makes you look leaner and your body looks healthier and more toned
  • Appetite Suppressant – A big problem with weight reduction problems is in the minds of the persons undergoing it, and they suffer from sudden food cravings which reverses all the good work they are doing. The chemical composition of Phentermine acts on the hypothalamic gland to make the brain believe that you have just had a full meal. So you can happily bid goodbye to those unhealthy binges on food during your weight loss regimen.
  • Increase In Muscle Mass – Though not prescribed, but a high protein diet along with this medication gives you better muscles. Since you are also losing fat, the overall fitness levels of the body improve.
  • FDA Approved – Several weight loss magic pills in the market have failed to get FDA approvals because of the presence of some banned chemicals in them. There is no such issue with Phentermine, and you can buy and use them without fear of the law.


Possible Side Effects

Most of the reported side effects of this medicine occur during the initial days of use, as the body adjusts itself to the new medication. There are no side effects which would need medical treatment, but you must be aware of them so you know what to expect. You might feel some chest congestions, develop some skin rash (or hives), experience slight irregularities in bowel movements or constipation, feelings of thirst, and finally there might be a few incidents of nausea or vomiting initially.


User Reviews

Most users reiterated that they had actually observed the benefits listed above. The best results were seen for those users who also reduced intake of carbohydrates and increased proteins in their food. Some users reported very high energy levels, probably because they were not exercising enough to dispose of the energy released by the burning of fat.

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Worldwide, as more time is spent indoors behind a computer rather than outdoors playing with friends, childhood obesity is reaching epidemic-level highs. Recommendations to change children’s diets and behavior has been limited in its success. More doctors have been discussing the use of Phentermine and more effective treatments for childhood obesity.